New SonarCloud UI is not mobile-friendly


I was delighted to see a new UI. However a bit disappointed responsive design is not yet in this UI.

There is no SonarCloud App (which is not really an issue) However using SonarCloud on a mobile is a must I believe. More and more, I am reviewing Pull Request on the go, Github allow you to do that easly, and when I want to check the Sonar Report, I always end up with endless Horizontal/Vertical scrolling.

I am really hoping “facelift” step 2 will bring responsive design to the table!




I share the exact same feeling and on top of this I struggle to find the “Login” button on mobile, looks like you don’t want us to access SonarCloud from our smartphone!



Thank you for the feedback!

We’ve created a card on our public roadmap to gather more insights about mobile support: . By subscribing to that card you will be notified of any updates on this topic right away.

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