Useless redirect to login on SonarCloud

Hello folks, I hope you are doing well.

I haven’t been using SonarCloud for months (sorry) and wanted to get back to it to see the new UI.


  1. I went to
  2. I am automatically redirected to :arrow_right: which is not that I want, but ok I see the “Login” button and I click on it.
  3. I am redirected to, where I can finally login. Yoohoo!

I expect to stay on

Site note 1: when I search “sonarcloud” in my favourite search engine, I see this, which is a login page but not the same one as the one I go when I click on “Login” from

Side note 2: I like :hamburger: but having 2 in the mobile version of is too much:

Have a lovely day :kissing_heart:!


The double burger is so awkward, was this validated by your UX team???

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