New UX/UI shortcoming


We recently upgraded our Sonarqube Community instance from 9.3 to 10.1 in a pursuit for better nullability analysis for C#. With that upgrade we also got a new design for project overview and issue pages. I can say this new design in general is OK compared to previous one, just had to change scale in my browser from 110% to 90% :slight_smile: However, there is an issue with the new design which can’t be fixed by simply changing the scale of a page.
There is an unnecessary gap between a list of issues and bottom of the page (marked with a red rectangle on a screenshot).

Not every developer has ultra-hd monitors, in fact, most developers on our team have just full hd monitors and such waste of vertical space (combined with overall “inflation” of the new design with paddings and empty spaces) is really irritating. So, I’d like to ask you guys to consider fixing this gaps in next versions. In the meantime I also want to ask is there a support for custom styling/theming of sonarqube ui (so we can fix this problem on our end for now) ?



I hit that one too & reported it internally. It wasn’t on purpose & should be fixed in the next version.



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