Where can I turn off the new user inteface?

Its bad. and Im not complaining about it being different. Its not even functionally equivalent.

The fonts are too small to read and some are below the minimum WCAG suggestion. I should not have to squint at a 24" widescreen thats at 1.5 arm lengths from my eyes.

There is too much wasted whitespace, and a lot of data available that could be using it up.

None of the tabs or buttons have any visible boundary. A hover shading is not enough of a discriminator.

The quality gate is visible but not the quality profile.

All of these things were reported to you during the beta/preview. Several times. Did any of that even get received?

EDIT: I cant click on the stats of anything and drill down into it automatically anymore either.
Previously I could click on any of those and it would take me right to the coverage or the issues.

And I cant access the project configuration menu unless I analyze the main branch first.

Hello Andrew,

To answer your first question, it’s not possible to revert to the old user interface anymore.
Regarding your different feedback/comments/suggestions:

  • We are well aware of the small font issue that is below WCAG suggestion, and we are working on some more improvement on the visual identity of SonarCloud that should address it.
  • It should also address the lack of visible boundary for tabs, buttons, etc
  • The quality profile can be found in the information page now, we also have some improvements planned for this information page
  • About the lack of drill downs, I think you are referring to the project overview page, which isn’t supposed to be an equivalent to the old ui page, the equivalent is the main branch summary page where you have all the detailed measures of your analysis and the drill downs available
  • You should still have access to the whole project settings in the administration menu of the sidebar and has well to the branch settings before you do any analysis, if it’s not the case please share more about the issue because it’s probably a bug.

Thanks for your feedback!

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First, I want to assure you that we are reading and tracking the user feedback received through the feedback widget during the beta period. Due to privacy issues, we kept feedback anonymous and were not able to respond to feedback submitted via the widget. Thank you for taking the time to share the various pain points you experienced. I am also sharing this post with our User Researcher so that they can track your feedback.

We have plans to conduct more user research on the new UI and features like the Overview and MainBranch Summary. We will revise accordingly, and it will take some time before these changes make their way in to the interface. We appreciate your patience and look forward to improving these features.

The Overview was designed to give an at-a-glance look at the status of a project. For this reason, we limited the number of clickable items. The Main Branch summary provides more immediate access via clicking. The widget in the screenshot is just meant to be an quick synopsis of the quality gate status.

Perhaps you can share more about how you you would like to use the Overview and Main Branch pages? We are very interested to know more. For example, can you share a little more about your work flow and why its important to have items in the Quality Gate widget on the Overview clickable? You also mentioned that instead of white space you’d like to see more data. Can you be specific about the data you’d like to see?

Thank you also for sharing your pains around type size in the product. As Greg mentioned, we are aware of these issues and are actively working on improving the accessibility throughout the product in order to better meet WCAG guidelines.

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I’m a programmer. Fixing the font means searching for where in CSS you have 11px defined and changing it so something readable. I must have submitted that as feedback 3 or 4 times as well as complained about not being able to see the checkbox that was on the feedback form due to color contrast being poor.

When I clicked on a project form the list, I used to see a project overview where I could click on any of the problem indications or measures and go directly to the backing data. I cant do that now, I can only see that there is a problem. The new screen makes me do more work to get the same data. There is no logical reason for limiting or removing those clickables other than a mistake.

There is overall less useful data available to me on that page. No more quality profile and gate on that landing page, I have to click some more to find that info (didnt you want to limit clicking? why make me do more). For projects that have not completed an analysis there is no mention of the quality profile on that info page. And now I have a long scrolling list of analysis logs that used to be easier to ignore as they were compact, but are now much larger and have been useful information to me only when support has requested data about one of them (which has been once that I can recall)

Missing quality profile example

All my relevant project data and settings available at a glance, in a way that I can read it and explore it in any direction with a single gesture.

The only thing wrong with the UI before was the branch selection and handling. As well as how menus were hidden based on the selected branch.

Still waiting to be able to read some of the tiny fonts without squinting.