Proposed improvement for SONAR-16030

Hi Sonar team,

A quick proposal to at least partially resolve SONAR-16030. I think the problem is essentially Baner blindness and thus generally a banner is probably the wrong pattern/component to use regardless of where you place it and how prominent you make it.

My suggestion would be to design this message such that you make sure users would read it by adding interactivity, a checkbox, and relocating it where it may make more sense contextually.

Whenever an admin signs in (make the Log in button depend on the checkbox)

(a small note here that there is a Cancel button on the Log in screen that doesn’t seem to do anything, I omitted it in my mockup)

Similarly, you can do the same thing in the context of creating a new project: the user will have to consent to this database limitation in order to create a project. Thus they’ll either address the situation or contact whoever is in charge of that.

Just an idea.


Hi Lachezar,

Welcome to the community, and what a way to start! Thanks for this great insight & suggestion.


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Hopefully a helpful (albeit tiny) contribution!

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Hi @lpetkov,

Many thanks for your great contribution! FYI I added the link to your proposed improvement in this comment on SONAR-16030.

Joseph (UX designer on SonarQube)

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Thanks, Joseph!

(just FYI I can no longer access the Jira without an account for some reason)

That’s… new. I’ve raised an incident internally. Thanks for calling it out.

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@lpetkov This should be fixed (access to Jira). :slight_smile: Thanks again.


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