UX Buttons cut off when resolution too low


Hello :wave:

when using SQ Server 10.4.1 inside the “detail view”(? see urls below) the issue-resolution pop up gets cut off when the resolution is not fitting.

  • When editing the resolution starting from the issue-list, the displayed scrollable does get expanded. (e.g. like this)
  • When editing the resolution starting from the issue-detail view ( e.g. like this) the popup is cut off as it is - i presume - not part of the scrollable

I was able to workaround by

  • selecting the Textfield, pressing TAB to increment focus to next element, pressing ENTER
  • using STRG+Scrollwheel to zoom out

But i wanted to post it, because i was made aware of this and asked for help how to work around.

Maybe :thinking: it might be beneficial to add the “list-view-behaviour” to the detail-view by switching the two rows above the scrollable … then the resolution popup could be added to scrollable … but i am no ui designer, so maybe that is not a good solution. Maybe I should have stopped after stating the above :person_shrugging:


edit: just a little “add”: when i click through the “lower” row of “where/why/activity/info”-elements i understand that it is very probable that my first thought (switching the rows) might be in conflict with the envisioned “flow” of the whole detail-view.

Hello @daniel,

Thank you for bringing this to us.
This is indeed a bug, we have created a ticket to resolve it: [SONAR-22163] - Jira


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