Sonar Community Highlights, September 23 - September 29

Hey everyone!

Another busy week in the Sonar Community!

Like every week we want to spend some time saying thanks to everyone who prompted interesting discussions and gave us feedback on Sonar products that will help us continuously improve.




Rule Improvements:

The Samaritan badge is awarded to users whose first-ever post in the community is intended to help someone else, and we welcomed two new Samaritans to the community this week. @sonar007 shared his favorite JSON validator in a thread about crafting a correctly-formatted Generic Issues report, and @njj1006312908 shared pointers for importing ESLint issues.

Once more, we extend our thanks to everyone mentioned here - and those we may have missed - for their efforts in strengthening this community and enhancing our Sonar products.

Please leave your own recognitions below – whether for another community member or a SonarSourcer who assisted you this week. If there’s someone you think should be acknowledged in next week’s roundup, don’t hesitate to let us know.

@Colin, @ganncamp and @leith.darawsheh