Minor UI bug when reloading analysis results

Must-share information :

  • SonarQube Version 10.1 (build 73491)

Steps to reproduce:

  • Build and analyze with failed quality gate (<80% coverage for example)
  • Go elsewhere in the current project (Issues, Security Hotspot,…)
  • Modify your code, rebuild and analyze knowing the quality gate should now be ok
  • Go back to ‘Overview’ after the analysis ended, the values are updated but the gate will remain red even if it’s now ok


I guess a page refresh fixes it? (I’m not trying to excuse anything. Just trying to understand the scope.)


Hi !

Yes absolutely
The refresh hopefully fixes it


Thanks for the confirmation. I’m going to flag this for the team.


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Hello @Narfix ,

What browser are you using? I tried it on Chromium and it worked fine for me.


Hello @jacek.poreda

Firefox 115 ESR

Have a great day !

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Hey @ganncamp ,

We did check on Firefox, and it seems it is working fine.

Could you record the issue you are having? I’m unable to reproduce it.

FYI @Narfix ^

Hello @jacek.poreda,
I recorded it. How can I send it to you ?

Have a great weekend !

For illustration purposes of the problem

Gate is failed with ‘100% is less than 80%’ :smile:

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Thanks for the details, we couldn’t reproduce it entirely as you, though we have noticed that the QG icon is not refreshing.

I have created a ticket to fix it: [SONAR-20603] - Jira

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