Quality Gate FAILED, but UI shows it passed the Quality Gate

Version: Community Edition Version 8.3.1 (build 34397)
What I’m trying to achieve: I am running a scan and quality gate check in my Jenkins builds. No issues with the actual scans, but the quality gate check is unstable. When it gets to the QG step of the pipeline, it is reporting that the build FAILED the QG check. However, if i log into the UI i see that it did NOT fail the QG. If I restart the Sonarqube server from the Admin section of the UI and try again, i usually get IN PROGRESS the first run, then they start PASSING. It will work fine for about a day, then start FAILING again. All the while, every scan is passing the QG, as I have made a custom QG profile that basically doesn’t care how bad the code is (just to make sure it wasn’t the code causing the failures). Nothing should ever fail that check with this configuration. So what’s causing these false results to be reported in my pipeline?


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Could we see the code-formatted (``` on the line before and on the line after) pipeline logs?