Quality Gate changes after re-analyzing without issues being fixed

Hi all,

a dev colleague reported a strange behavior regarding PR analysis.
After an analysis which failed the quality gate, a second analysis passed the quality gate even though they didn’t change anything (see screenshots). The code is getting analyzed during a Azure DevOps build and they’re using the build breaking feature (qualitygate.wait)
We’re using SonarQube 9.9 LTS, the project’s language is C/C++, new code period is set to ‘previous version’.
Maybe there’s some reasonable explanation for this behavior, or could it be a bug?

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Hey there.

How is your Quality Gate configured? What conditions were failing on the first run that were no longer failing on the second?

I am taking over here.

The headline is pobably missleading. The quality gate itself does not change. But It does not fail on the second analysis.

The quality gate is:

I can see in the logs, that the second time, the file in question (with issues) has a cache hit.