Quality Gate status changed in second analysis without any code change

Hi, i just want to understand something.
I my case for first time when i ran analysis in my development branch it got failed with some valid quality gate conditions. In second time i haven’t updated any code but in my second analysis quality gate status is showing passed.

I just want to know why this happened ? is this because not enough lines of codes have been added or some other reason…



What’s your New Code Definition?

I’m guessing you’ve set it to ‘Previous version’ and you’re passing a sonar.projectVersion value that changes with each analysis - probably your build string?

Doing so resets what’s considered “new” with each analysis, so “new” issues age out of being new almost immediately. If I’m right, you probably want to change what you pass to sonar.projectVersion.


Yes, I am using Previous version for new code definition…
I am not passing sonar.projectVersion. I am running analysis through Bitbucket cloud CI pipeline…


So you’re not providing any sonar.projectVersion value at all?


Well, I am not providing anything explicitly… I am invoking SonarCloud analysis through Bitbucket pipeline triggers like pull requests and branch.


Can you give me a screenshot of the Activity tab from the development branch?


Hi, I’m having a similar issue, was this case resolved ?