How to resolve the failed status in Sonarqube reoport?

Hi Sirs:
We used SonarQube scanner to scan the code and finally all of the code are clean.
However,the QUALITY GATE STATUS is still showed “failed”
The failed reason is the coverage is less than 80%
Could we skip the coverage check item?


Hi Fred,

We advise focusing the Quality Gate on New Code, and in fact the default Quality Gate only has “on New Code” conditions. When you take a New Code approach, you don’t have to retroactively cover the entire code base - or even 80% of it. :smiley:
You only have to cover the code you’re already working on anyway.

Does that help?


Hello Ann:
We use another method to set the new “Quality Gate” which copied from the default one.
Where the code coverage option is disabled.Still thanks for your reply!