Cannot add new project to analyze - "The request cannot be processed. Try again later"

Well, there is no much more in the subject - there is an constant error when trying to add project within organization. The error message says: “The request cannot be processed. Try again later.” The rest of the page is blank.

Organization is private, on paid plan (created by someone else with all credit card info so I cannot simply delete it and create again to make that error go away).

Organization name: HAPG-PGTR
CI: AzureDevops (there are no projects attached though…)

I’d be glad for help.

Hello Michael and welcome to the community forum!

Could you tell me if you see any error in the developer console of your browser ? And if you do, send a screenshot here.

Does everyone have this issue in your company ? Do you still have this issue if you try with a different browser ?

Thanks for reaching out!
Yes, there was an error visible on the browser console and it happened regardless user acc or browser.

Anyway, we decided to delete whole organization and recreate it. After doing that, it all looks ok now.


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