Sonar Cloud organization views issue"The request cannot be processed. Try again later."

Hello Folks,

I am not able to see different tabs in my organization view like Projects, Issue, Rules and Quality Gates and other views like Quality Profile, Members and Organization I am able to see.

I am the admin of Sonar cloud and I only did the setup for my organization and not sure why I am not able to see other tabs and getting the error like “The request cannot be processed. Try again later.”

When I add other members of my teammates as admin or non-admin user they are able to see all the different tabs and details.
Need you folks help to resolve this issue.

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Would it be possible to include a screenshot of what you see? (With any sensitive information blurred out.) And when tabs are missing, do you see some errors appearing on the JavaScript console of your browser? (Which browser is it?)

What action has this result? Does it happen consistently or only sometimes, not always? When it happens, in the JavaScript developer tools of your browser, on Network tab or similar, I suspect there should be a request failing with 503 or 500 status code. Can you please check and share more details?

Hello, i have the same problem. On developer tools i get this response “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()” , do you have a solution?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Samuele_Scardovi, welcome to the community.

Can you please answer the questions I asked in my response to the first post above? I’m not able to reproduce the situation, and without more details I don’t have any clues to go on.

It’s chrome anyway.

Thanks @Samuele_Scardovi, that answers my first question. I had more, can you please answer those too?

Unfortunately it happens always, but only with Chrome , with other browsers it works normally. On chrome, after first login, i always obtain this error. Anyway i checked , but there are no 503/500 errors, only 404 , and the same in the network tab of Javascript developers tools or in other tabs.

Btw, I getting same error for all project related requests.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open “My Projects”
  2. Click on any project

Expected results: Project opens
Actual result: The request cannot be processed. Try again later.

Reproduces on both company paid plan and personal public projects.
At the same time don’t see any failing requests in Chrome dev console.


Could you try to clear your browser’s cache and force refresh the page:

Does it fix your issue or not ? We are currently seeing some cache issues on Chrome after deploying.