Fail to process issues of component on dashboard

Hello, we are sending a .Net project for scanning from the command line as in your documentation. This worked until a certain time. Now we see success on the command line, but there is an error on the site.


In background tasks we can find error details:

Fail to process issues of component ‘Project Key:class.cs’ (Visit of Component {key=Project Key:class.cs,type=FILE} failed)

This error appears on different sourcecode-files. We tried to scan previous versions of code (which was scanned successfully a few days ago), but now it is failed as well, like there is an issue in sonarcloud. We have not succeeded with finding workaround for it.

Hey @KiraPF,

Can you share the latest background task id, that you have encountered the error?


Hey @Marcin_Majewski ,
Yes. the latest task id is AXrDFLotYuYnrnpqHpJ4 (scanned a few minutes ago).


Apologies for the late reply. I am currently digging into the issue. I want to ask one thing if possible that could help to pinpoint the problem.

Can you create a new project and try to analyze the same code and see if the error persists? I see that you imported the project from GitHub but could you create the new project manually and analyze the same source code but just point to the newly created project key?


Hi, we already remove the existing project and upload it again, and tried to scan it. Look like now scannig was ok.