Fail to process issues of component on dashboard

Hello, we are sending a .Net project for scanning from the command line as in your documentation. This worked until a certain time. Now we see success on the command line, but there is an error on the site.


In background tasks we can find error details:

Fail to process issues of component ‘Project Key:class.cs’ (Visit of Component {key=Project Key:class.cs,type=FILE} failed)

This error appears on different sourcecode-files. We tried to scan previous versions of code (which was scanned successfully a few days ago), but now it is failed as well, like there is an issue in sonarcloud. We have not succeeded with finding workaround for it.

Hey @KiraPF,

Can you share the latest background task id, that you have encountered the error?


Hey @Marcin_Majewski ,
Yes. the latest task id is AXrDFLotYuYnrnpqHpJ4 (scanned a few minutes ago).