I have accidentlly deleted project from SonarQube and now getting error in

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I have accidentlly deleted project from SonarQube and now getting error “Task failed with status FAILED, Error message: Compute Engine task main component key is null. Project with UUID xxxxxxxx must have been deleted since report was uploaded. Can not proceed. Finishing: publish results to sonarqube”, is there any way to get rid off this error.


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Where are you seeing this error, and when? Is it that this deleted project is re-analyzed on a regular basis and each time you try you get this error? Or something else?

Also, what’s your version of SonarQube?


Hi Ann,
Thanks for checking…

The sonarqube job is integrated with Azure devops , and when i am publishing results to sonarqube getting this error.
This is happening every-time i try to publish results.

Sonarqube version:


Could you double-check that SonarQube version, please? You’ll find it in the page footer.


My bad…


Thanks for that.

It sounds like somehow your project only got partially deleted. I’m having a hard time imagining how that happened. Would you mind sharing the circumstances?


Also, do you have a stack trace for that error? Please check the log file ce.log.

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