Sonarcloud not recognizing company GitHub organization


I had a sonarcloud account connected to my GitHub account before joining the organization of my company on GitHub. sonarcloud is widely used for repositories of that organization and works for co-workers. Now I try to access a report for a repository of that organization but it looks like I am not allowed:

You are not authorized to access this page. Please log in with more privileges and try again.

In my account settings (, only one private organization is showing up.

I can provide further information in private messages.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @nning, welcome to the community forum!

It seems you are not a member of the organization on the SonarCloud side.
Have you already asked the administrators of your company organization on SonarCloud to add you on the member list?
Do you know the date when you were added to your company org on GitHub?



our admins said, it’s self-service, they cannot invite me manually. I should have been added on first login after being added to the GitHub organization.
Oldest mail I could find from GitHub for that organization is from 2019-07-12.

Thanks for your help & best regards,

It seems the automatic member sync has failed for you. A frequent explanation is that your SonarCloud account was created after the member synchronization was enabled on the SonarCloud organization or after you becoming a member of the GitHub organization.
It is true that the admin can’t add you manually if member sync is enabled.

As a workaround, a GitHub administration can remove you and re-add you on the GitHub organization, it will re-sync your account on SonarCloud and you will become a member of the SonarCloud organization too.