Cannot access my organizations Projects in Sonarcloud despite being a member in Github

  • ALM used (GitHub)

  • CI system used (Azure DevOps, Travis CI)

  • Scanner command used when applicable (?)

  • Languages of the repository (Typescript)

  • Steps to reproduce

  1. Be a member of my organization in Github with my Github Account
  2. Open Sonrcloud and login with my Github Account
  3. The page says ‘You don’t have any favorite projects yet’
  4. I then try to ‘Analyze new project’, and then ‘Import an organization from Github’
  5. Choose my organization on page opened in Github
  6. Update Sonarcloud’s repository access
  7. I receive: ‘This action must be performed by an organization owner’
  • Potential workaround
    I already contacted the organization owner regarding this, however the owner told me that I am already added as member and the Sonarcloud documentation says that this is already sufficient.
    Potential Workaround could be something, the organization owner doesn’t know about, hence I am told to ask in this community for help.

Hey there.

I would have to guess that you aren’t actually a member of the organization – otherwise when you choose to Analyze projects you would be presented with the option to choose an organization:

And I imagine you don’t receive this screen, is that correct?

Hi there! First of all, thanks for the answer.

It seems you are right, I cannot see the menu you have shown with the screenshot.

This is what I am seeing:

However, in Github I can access, read and write the repositories of my Organization. How is it, that I am not interpreted as a member in Sonarcloud then?

It might be that the organization is not using member synchronizaiton – your admin should be able to check under the organization Members (both if member synchronization is being used, and if you’ve been recognized as an organization member)