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I transformed the github account into an organization and I can’t login anymore to see the sonarcloud projects but other members of my team can see that.

I should be the owner of the organization inside sonarcloud and I currently am the owner on the github.

Have a nice day!

Hello !

Is anyone around here that can help me please ?

I want to have access to my account. I can’t login via github.


What is the error you get when you try to login?


It redirects me to Create an organization which is not alright !

I created the github account, linked the sonarcloud, paid for the monthly service and transformed the github account into an organization. I can’t login now to see the previous created organization.

The github organization account was destroyed in the process and a new account was set as the owner of the organization. I am using that one to login here.

Could you please help me?


Can you please take a look to this issue ? It’s still impacting us.

Have a nice day!

Can someone send me a private message about this issue?

I have raised tickets as well, can anybody help ?

I will take it from here and continue in a private thread.


I just wanted to let you know that Janos managed to solve my issue in the private thread.
He’s a really great, friendly and awesome guy! :smiley:

I managed to get the analisys up and running of the code quality of the projects, everything works again thanks to Janos help, so thank you Janos a lot for the help!

The thread can be safely closed!

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