My user account is not appearing in sonarcloud organization

My employer’s GitHub organization account and I am a member of said organization for > 1 year. We created a sonarcloud account and linked it to our GitHub organization was created a few weeks ago.

I went though the OAuth flow and authorized sonarcloud on my personal GitHub account, but despite being a member of our GitHub organization I am unable to access any of the sonarcloud projects for this organization.

I am the only member of the organization experiencing this issue. Is there something I’m missing?

Hi @ahmedalhulaibi and welcome to our Community.

Could you ask someone at your organization to check if you are a member of the organization at SonarCloud as well (not only GitHub)? In case you are not a member, they can add you manually or synchronize members. Please refer to related documentation.

Thanks @Alexandre_Holzhey! I will share the docs with my team and get back to you

Thanks for the help! This is now resolved. Really appreciate the quick response

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