Organization member not synced from Github

We have SonarCloud organization bound with Github organization, but at least one member of our organization in Github cannot see our SonarCloud projects and he is not a member of our SonarCloud organization.

Is there something wrong with the synchronization? The normal (?) procedure worked for a different member of our Github organization the same day.

I’ve reached out via private message for some additional details!

Hi @pasij

If there is a user in your GitHub organization but not showing up in SonarCloud, there must have been a synchronization issue indeed. To understand what happened I would need to know when the synchronization was put in place, and when the problematic user was added to your organization. In case this information is difficult to provide, you may want to turn off and then turn on again the synchronization and let me know when done.

Hi @AlxO

Thanks for the suggestion! I haven’t been with our organization so long to know when the synchronization was put in place, but I did turn it off and on again. Immediately after this I can see the missing member of our organization as SonarCloud member.

Thanks for the help!

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