GitHub Account Replacement for SonarCloud Integration

Hello Team,

Approximately a year ago, we integrated SonarCloud with GitHub using an owner account from GitHub. Unfortunately, we’ve lost access to that account and are unable to recover it. GitHub recommends removing that account from GitHub and creating a new one. However, since we used that account for the SonarCloud integration, we’re uncertain about the changes needed and the steps to be taken for replacing this account. Additionally, SonarCloud is integrated into our CI/CD pipelines. Your guidance on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Ram_99, welcome to the community!

I have a few clarification questions that will help me to guide you.

  • Do you still have access to the account you mentioned on the SonarCloud side?
  • Is that account the admin of your organisation on the SonarCloud side?
  • Does your SonarCloud organization have admins that are not the account you mentioned?
  • When you create a new account on Github, will you conserve your existing organization or will you have to create a new one?