Github Insufficient Privileges

Having permission issue with Github organization. I am an owner of a Github organization. I have logged in with my Github account. Previously I was using my personal Git account to login into Sonarcloud. Now I have created and Github Organization and transferred all my repos into the organization. Some repos were previously imported into Sonarcloud. Now when I went to see the project, it’s saying “Insufficient Privileges”. How to resolve this issue?

Screenshot 2021-07-08 at 14.22.42

Hi @adlp

Let me rephrase what I understood, and please correct me if I missed something.

Previously, you had:

  • a personal GitHub account
  • a personal GitHub organization, org-A
  • a SonarCloud account and organization bound to them
  • some SonarCloud projects bound to the personal organization

Now, you have

  • another GitHub organization, org-B, on which you moved all your repos
  • a new SonarCloud organization bound to org-B

and you can’t import the projects you moved to org-B, because it says they already exist on SonarCloud (on your old personal organization, bound to org-A).

Am I right?

If so, if you still have access to the old SonarCloud organization, I suggest you delete the projects on SonarCloud side, and then you should be able to import them on the new one.

Previously I had,

  • A personal Github account
  • No GitHub organization
  • A Sonarcloud account and organization and bound to the personal GitHub account
  • Some SonarCloud projects bound to the personal organization

Now, I have

  • A github organization and all the repositories from the personal account transferred to the GitHub organization
  • Now the SonarCloud is showing already imported
  • Whenever I click to see the project it is showing the error
  • I have deleted the previous SonarCloud organization
  • Created new SonarCloud organization, connected to the GitHub organization


It is weird you still have this error after having deleted the old organization.
I’ll initiate a private thread to get some private details about the impacted projects and orgs, to investigate further.

Hi @adlp

I answer here, in case this thread could help someone with a similar problem.
First, thanks for the details you quickly provided on private to answer my questions.

As shared privately, the old organization still exist on SonarCloud, and has several administrators accounts that also still exist on GitHub.
For security reasons, we can’t delete that organization for you, only its administrators can.

If all the owners of the administrators accounts lost their access and can’t delete the old SonarCloud organization, I suggest you recreate the repositories on GitHub instead of using the moved repositories that are still bound to the old SonarCloud organization. If you copy or fork the repositories, they will be completely new and you will be able to import them on SonarCloud as new projects.

I am also calling your attention on the fact that the old organization is a paid organization. Since it has not been deleted on SonarCloud, billing will still be sent as before.