SonarCloud Azure DevOps Widget not showing projects

We use Azure DevOps and SonarCloud. In Azure DevOps we have installed the SonarCloud extension.
In SonarCloud we have our own organization, with private projects. Our members are added to the SonarCloud organization based on Azure DevOps signin, and via groups assigned to their projects.

When members go to Dashboards in Azure DevOps, and add the SonarCloud quality gate widget, they are requested to log on. One of our members reported the following:

  1. It does not work in Google Chrome (latest version). You are constantly asked to log on
  2. You can logon in Edge, but only public projects were shown to this person. For some reason, our SonarCloud organization was not selected.

Now it is solved by adding all the SonarCloud projects to their “favorite” projects in SonarCloud, but would be better if this works out of the box.

In our thought process:

  • Maybe the existing Azure DevOps service connection to SonarCloud can be used?
  • Option to select the Organization in the Widget (e.g. what if you have multiple organizations)
  • Can the widget cache the outcome, so those not having SonarCloud access (e.g. business users) can also view the widget outcome without having to login to SonarCloud

Hi @zaat

Thanks for your feedback on that. We know that this feature is not well polished, and we haven’t worked on it since a while. There are plan to improve it, but i don’t have any ETA to give you yet.


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Hi Mickael, Richard

I am facing issue in Azure DevOps Widget i.e code quality . It is unable to give result and showing failed.

Could you please help me on this.

Issue is resolved now.
This issue is occurred due to some bug in the widget.

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