Azure Dashboard Widget - Cannot find my projects


We are using the Azure extension SonarCloud - Visual Studio Marketplace and want to setup the Dashboard Widget. We are not able to find our project in the drop down list. Login to Azure has of course taken place. Service Connection in Azure in this project is available.

Are there any preconditions that need to be fullfilled to be able to link this widget? Special settings for the PAT in Sonarcloud?

I could not find any documentation how to setup this widget.

Hey there.

I fumbled a bit trying to get this to work as well – you will need to make sure that you are authenticated to your SonarCloud account (where you have access to the projects) when configuring the widget.

  • For public projects: you can simply select your project from the dropdown. A searchbar inside the dropdown will help you find it easily. Just select it and click on the “Save” button.
  • For private projects: log in using the links provided under the dropdown. Once logged in, your private projects will appear in the dropdown. Select the one you are interested in, and click on “Save”.

This makes no difference for me. It’s just still not working.

Hello Colin,
The advice to login we tried already, but this has non effect.
The default login option for us is “Azure DevOps log in”. After clicking this button, it looks like it logs in, but immediately the login button appears again.
When trying the “More options” link and again using “Azure DevOps log in” option in the popup, it also looks like logging in in the popup, then it closes and nothing has changed. Can you please give another hint, what we can try to get the widget configured for our private projects?
Best regards

Hey @MarcelR Marcel,

How do you usually login to SonarCloud (through the SonarCloud UI). Do you use Azure DevOps to login? If so, are you using the same account to login to SonarCloud as you are logged into when you’re in Azure DevOps itself (trying to add the widget?)

Hi Colin,
we are using Azure DevOps login also in SonarCloudUI. We tested additional steps now without success.

  1. we created a new public project, which was visible immediately in azure (but of course without source code inside) - but this doesn’t help for our private projects.
  2. we used a new service connection in azure with the same login as used for widget creation (before the connection was created with another user, but also not successful)

The behavior is still like before: we press the login button, something happens, a quick refresh seems to happen but immediately it asks again for login to see the private projects.
What would be the correct behavior? Should the log in button disappear, once login was successful?

Do we have to configure something in the SonarCloudUI to make private projects appear in azure?

Thank you for your support