Azure DevOps Widget Failing


I am trying to get the SonarCloud widget to work on an Azure DevOps dashboard. The widget has been successfully working for us over the last few months, but it has recently stopped working.

I have removed the widget from our dashboard, but when I try to re-add them I get this message.

This appears before I can select any projects. I’m not sure what other troubleshooting I can do!

Are you able to help?


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Hey there.

I can reproduce this and I’ve flagged it for attention.

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Hey Colin,
Is there any update on this? Is there any other way we can track the progress of this bug? Its really affecting our stakeholders.

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Hello @mike_jones,

I am currently looking into this myself and working towards a solution.

Could you send me a screenshot of your browser console at the time of the error?

I will update you here as soon as I know more.

Best regards,

This is the error I see

Thanks Antonio,
Getting the below three times:-

Hello @mike_jones and @MartinPendlebury ,

I just wanted to give you a small update here. We have identified the issue as a bug on our side. We are working on a fix at the moment. I will update you here as soon as the fix has been deployed.

Thank you for your patience.


Hey Antonio
Hope its all going well. Just wondering how the fix is progressing and if there is an ETA for deployment?

Hello @mike_jones ,

We just deployed the fix needed, and it should be working now. Let me know if it works for you and if there’s anything else I can do for you.

Best regards,

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Thank you, Working well!

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Could it be there’s still an issue for Safari? The widget shows a login button, but performing the login just goes back to the same login button widget. On Chrome it works as expected, after logging in we get the actual values in the widgets

Seems that it is related to the Safari Privacy setting for website tracking. Disabling it shows the values as expected

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