Configuring Code Quality widget in Azure DevOps

I am trying to setup the code quality widget for Azure DevOps. In the documentation it states that their should be a login option to our paid account so that we can select the repository for the organization. The link is not available on the screen, and the dropdown is not populated with the repository that has run the analysis. If I click on the All tab, the dropdown is populated with roughly 10 repositories from the free plans, and does not paginate to give other options. I am uncertain if this is a configuration issue, or if there is a defect with the widget. Any help would be appreciated.

Indeed, if you are not logged in SonarCloud you should see a link in the widget configuration that suggest to log in, like this:

But you won’t see it if you are already logged in SonarCloud and you should see something like this :

This might be a bit misleading but in the My Projects tab you will find only your favorite projects, if you didn’t favorite the project you are looking for, even if it’s a private one you should use the All tab and search for it there.

Thanks, that solved it. It wasn’t very intuitive to find, however it seems fairly common sense after going through the steps. You may want to add this flow to the documentation for others who are already logged into the system like myself.

Yeah I agree that it’s not intuitive and needs to be improved.

Hi @Gregoire_Aubert, @talroo

I had just worked on the code quality widget in Azure DevOps but it is not giving option to configure it.
Please find below images for error and better understanding :

Appreciate your help for troubleshooting this issue!!