In azure devops in status checks I dont see SonarQube/qualityGate

Im using developer version (8.9.2)
im trying to apply sonarqube to pull request
in build validation I have the Gated-id
but in status checks I have only
{projectName}-gated-ci/code coverage
and not

so when I add new Pull request I don’t get the failed icon in the pull request page.

Hi @ran055, welcome to the SonarSource Community!

Is SonarQube configured to know about your Azure DevOps instance? What did you do to set this project up on the SonarQube side? How did you create it? Please list the steps.

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I followed the steps in the documentation.
What can cause this problem ?

Did you use Create Project from within the UI and browse your Azure DevOps org to configure the project? Or did you create it manually?

created via ui using the wizad

How does your build pipeline look? Do you utilize the SonarScanner for Azure DevOps extension? It’s required to use it if you want automatic PR analysis from your pipeline side.


I get data when running the pipline
I just dont see the SonarCloud/qualityGate in status checks