Azure DevOps pull request quality gate statuscheck

Hello Dears,
We are a company using SonarQube LTS 9.9 with Azure DevOps. I have added the SonarQube extension to Azure DevOps and added SonarQube as a service connection with the project.
I have performed the first PR analysis and then the target branch analysis.
Now, I am trying to add a status check. I have added it before with another project, but after moving the Sonar server, I am trying to add the SonarQube/quality gate status check, but it does not appear as shown in the attached image.
What is the solution now? This issue is very critical and we would like to solve it as soon as possible.

Hey there.

The status check only appears on the repo after a pull request has been successfully decorated – did you receive the decoration on this PR?

This means having the green “check” on your PR, as well as comments showing any issues that were raised.

This will also require that you’ve configured the global SonarQube settings related to Azure DevOps.