"SonarQube/quality gate" Is not getting displayed in the Status Check of Azure DevOps

I am using SonarQube Enterprise Version 8.9 (LTS). I am trying to achieve Preventing pull request merges when the Quality Gate fails for Azure DevOps as mentioned in the Official Documentation

I have followed all the steps as mentioned in the documentation.

  • Created Service Connection to SonarQube from Azure DevOps
  • Created PAT with Code - Read & Write and configured it in the SonarQube UI
  • Importing the repository in SonarQube UI

But I am not able to view SonarQube/quality gate in the Status Check available under Branch Policy in Azure DevOps.

My Goal is to prevent the PR from merging, if the Quality Gate is not met. Something like this:

Am I missing out any steps? Also does SonarQube Enterprise provide Enterprise support?

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Similar issue for us as well we use Developer Edition (9.4)