SonarQube Quality Gate is not coming up in Status Checks

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Hello @bheemreddy181
Before a status check shows up in the status policy it has to have been emitted at least once to Azure DevOps.
So you must run a first PR analysis for SonarQube to emit that Status, which you will then be able to select from the menu.
Alternatively, you may try to force-feed the string SonarQube/quality gate in the status check before the first PR analysis but I am not sure that Azure DevOps will allow that.

Hey Oliver,

We did try to run our analysis on our branch the above issue was created after the initial analysis job as attached. Is there a way I can debug this through the logs?

Hello @bheemreddy181,

It has to be a PR analysis not a branch analysis; Maybe you did a PR analysis but your screenshot is showing a branch so it does not demonstrate much.

Actually its a PR analysis i am not sure what to configure it to tell it as a PR analysis over a Branch Analysis

My Bad it is a mistake from my side - Quality Gates are coming up fine. i was not running it for a pull request but rather running it for the branch.