Azure Devops PR Build NOT reporting SonarQube Quality Gate

We are running Azure Devops 2020 on prem and the Sonarqube plug no longer reports back to the PR. So we have to make the quality gate optional instead of required at Unum. It’s affecting alot of out builds. Please help

Hi @wamcubs

Are you seeing a warning in the PR page of your project ? Which version / edition of SQ are you using ?



Hey @mickaelcaro

Thanks for getting back to me. So we are seeing it as being greyed out. The SQ version is

The second image is what we used to have and now we are having to put it as optional since it’s not being passed back.

Hey, following up on this issue?

Hi @wamcubs

Are you comment being posted correctly for Pull Request decoration if you have any issue on your PR analysis ?

The comment is posting on the PR, it’s just the sonarqube analysis doesn’t get posted back to the PR. It passes and shows passed on the build but then it never gets sent back to the PR.

Hi @wamcubs !

In this case, the greyed Quality Gate means that SonarQube has not been able to communicate with your Azure DevOps instance.

If you open this project on SonarQube, and browse to the Pull Request where you are no longer seeing the Quality Gate, is there any warning being shown?

Warnings on the scope of a PR Decoration can be found here:

If there is, could you please share which warning message you are getting?

Thanks in advance!

So I just reran it and there is no warning. It even takes me to the proper PR. It’s just not sending the Gate to the PR. it’s sending it to the Pipeline Build cause I can see it in the build pipeline, but the PR never moves on cause it’s still thinking it’s waiting on the Quality Gate from SonarQube.

I also noticed on the SonarScanner page it doesn’t have Azure DevOps 2020 in Compatibility. So wondering if AzDO is looking for something slightly different in 2020 from SonarQube, this was working properly in AzDO 2019.

As you can see the qaulity gate is passing and sending it back to AzDO just not to the PR as passed and therefore we can’t complete pull request automatically after success cause it’s always greyed out. I would love to jump on a call with anyone from SonarQube. I work at Unum and we have premium support if I need to put in a ticket somewhere for your team.

Hey @wamcubs , thanks for taking the time to share this with us.

You are correct - currently SonarQube does not support Azure 2020 officially.

However, we have been working to improve the Azure DevOps Server integration with SQ 8.7. If you upgrade to that version (coming soon!) you may be able to catch more exception details to understand where the issue lies.

Otherwise, if this issue is an urgent matter, you can escalate this question to Commercial Support, in order to have a dedicated support engineer having a look.

Thank you,

Ok perfect, thank you. I did open up a enterprise ticket to see if I can get a workaround or a ETA on when it’ll come out to be compatible with 2020. Thank you again for getting back to me so fast.

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Just to close up this thread – the issue was that the Azure DevOps server was not added to http.nonProxyHosts while a proxy was configured for outgoing traffic. Adding the server name to http.nonProxyHosts addressed the issue – no compatibility issues with Azure DevOps Server 2020 detected!

We’ll mark this topic as solvede.

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