SAML Authentication with Okta

We have SonarQube running on Azure Kubernetes Clusters, deploying using Docker image and Helm chart. I am trying to configure SAML authentication with Okta but as per the SonarQube document provided How to set up Okta , I am trying to navigate to Administration > Authentication > SAML and to create configuration, But I don’t see Authentication option under Administration.
The SonarQube version currently we are running is Does this version support SAML authentication with Okta. If yes, where I can find SAML configuration setup under Administation


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The documentation you’re referencing is for the latest version of SonarQube, 10.0. Version 9.3 is past EOL. You should upgrade to a supported version, 9.9.1 LTS or 10.0 at your earliest convenience.


Thanks Ann. Can you please tell me what is the difference in the two versions 9.9.1 LTS and 10.0. Which one should I upgrade to for Enterprise SonarQube.


Hi Rekha,

If you’re trying to decide between using the LTS and the Latest, the decision guide should help.

If you’re looking specifically for a list of features / tickets, here’s the 10.0 release announcement.