SAML administration

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    • Developer Edition Version 8.9.1 (build 44547)
  • We try to do Okta SSO integration
  • we look at the following instructions and looked at our Administration page (as described instep #9), we do not see SAML section in there.
    SonarQube and SAML Authentication with Okta
    Do we need to upgrade our version before we do integration or is there anything else we can do?


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There’s no need to upgrade; the page you’re looking for should already be there. I’m in our dogfooding instance right now & when I choose ‘Administration’ in the top, black menu bar, I land at a page with a secondary navigation down the left side. ‘General’ is selected by default, but toward the bottom of the column I see ‘Security’. When I click on that, ‘SAML’ is at the top of the content area.


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Hi Ann,
Oh, I see it the way you say now.
Thanks a lot!

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