New sonarqube server with Okta integration

* Which version(s) are you using: Sonarqube 8.9 LTS
* Can login to Sonarqube with a local account but not while authenticating though Okta (okta logs do show succeed in authentication)
* Had Sonarqube 8.3 instance running on Windows server 2016 (now deprecated) integrated with Okta successfully.
* Spun up Windows Server 2019 with Sonarqube 8.9 installed, changed Okta application to point to new server + updated provider certificate (did not create a new Sonarqube applicaiton in Okta from scratch).
* Only local account successfully logs into Sonarqube from webgui.
* Upgraded DB (mssql hosted on different machine) successfully.
Issue remaining:
* After authenticating through Okta I receive "This site can’t be reached (directs me to https://hostname/oauth2/callback/saml). I have referenced this. Hoping for assistance to guide me in the right direction. Thank you! If any specific log is required I can most definitely grab any and all.


In 8.4 we enabled SAML “strict mode”, so you may need to update your configuration some. This guide may help:



Oh yes, I linked that in the original post. I’ll have to take a look at “strict mode” though, thanks!