Sonarqube --> OKTA SAML Configuration

Trying to configure SAML with OKTA on Sonarqube Version but am unable to get the configuration working.

I followed this guide with no luck:

Things I’ve noticed that could be possible issues:

Under Administration → Configuration → General Settings → Security → SAML → Provider Certificate, the Default is set to and takes the certificate as a password showing privacy dots/characters.
OKTA isn’t supported by Sonarqube as of yet (Configuration works fine with OneLogin but fails on OKTA)

Is there a way to change this default in order to see if the configuration is taking the full certificate? Or does anyone have any suggestions as to why this may be happening?

All help is appreciated. Thanks!

Hey there

What actual error are you receiving when it doesn’t work?

“You’re not authorized to access this page. Please contact the administrator.”

I would suggest checking the logs/web.log file of your instance (after bumping up the log level in Administration > System > Log Level) and looking for a more specific error message.

Tried the SOP again and now getting the following:

You’re not authorized to access this page. Please contact the administrator.

Reason: This account is already associated with another authentication method. Sign in using the current authentication method, or contact your administrator to transfer your account to a different authentication method.

I will try to dig through the logs and get back to you.

Take a look here:

Would I have to migrate users even though I’m moving from SAML in OneLogin to SAML in OKTA?


You can mark this issue as resolved. I was able to solve the issue by deleting the user’s account and having the accounts re-provisioned by signing back in using OKTA.

According to the team using SonarQube, the user’s accounts hold no data, but they can hold Tokens so it’s best to reach out to users who have tokens to make sure they are aware that the token will need to be recreated.

Also, a good idea to take a screenshot of users so you have a history of their roles.