When we configured Single sign on of sonarqube (community edition 9.3) under okta we unable to login

when we configured Single sign on of sonarqube (community edition 9.3) under okta we unable to login through okta. Could you please assist how to proceed? Here we followed the below document of sonarqube.

and used
sso url : https://sonarqube.rocketsoftware.com:9553/oauth2/callback/saml
sp entity id : sonarqube

Hey there.

In SonarQube v9.9 LTS, you can debug this in SonarQube itself. I suggest upgrading and taking advantage of this feature.

The Upgrade Guide is a great place to start.

Hi Colin

i have upgraded sonarqube to 9.9 LTS and also we followed below doc to configure okta still it throws below error.pls check and assist to resolve.

When we tried to log in through OKTA it’s asking for login credentials(sign in),
When we log in through Okta it shouldn’t ask for credentials right?
Is this the expected behavior?

I would suggest you start with the Test SAML Configuration tool in the UI that sits alongside the SAML configuration. Does it come back successful?

when clicked on SAML test configuration it throws error page, pls check below screen shots.

Hi Colin

i shared screenshots of error, can you pls assist.

Can you pls provide solution to above error.

Hey there.

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I would suggest that you next look to the logs, raising the log level in global Administration > System > Log Level if needed.

pls check and assist below screenshot and also attached web.log

web.log.txt (6.0 KB)

Hey there.

Okay. Try bumping up the log level (you can do it right in the UI) and try initiating login from SAML again (or use the configuration checker)

In document it mentioned as * Sign requests: Not supported for Okta.