Needed: Updated information for SAML 2.0 and SonarQube on prem developer v8

We’ve successfully integrated SAML 2.0 via Okta with our on premise SonarQube instance (Developer Edition Version 8.0 build 29455). However, we’d also like to be able to sync groups from Okta to manage permissions across our teams.

Currently, when we try this, all users are removed from any SonarQube groups they are already a part of and put only in the default group.

We followed Groups not synchronizing in SAML delegated login

However, some of that information appears to be out of date or no longer applicable.

Okta support supplied this link for assistance:

Using SAML trace along with trial and error, we have been able to confirm that the groups are pushing from Okta but not being received by SonarQube. It appears that the “SAML group attribute” field in the SonarQube >> Administration >> Security settings is not configured correctly. We are unable to find information on how to properly populate this field.

What needs to be entered into this field to pull multiple groups?

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Hi @Blake_Moore,

Could you have a look to this thread OKTA SSO Integration with SonarQube, and try what this user has done ?