Sonarqube OKTA integration with saml groups and Users sync

Hi Team,
I have created 2 groups in OKTA on our AD side as follows
sonarqube-dev-admins and sonarqube-dev-users
i have created the same groups in sonarqube as well but i cannot able to autheticated with those users that are there in the groups in okta
can you pls have a solution for this
As i have login i can able to login but it is getting to default sonarqube user group
not the groups that was created in sonarqube.
Can you pls get me the solution for this.

Hi Venkatesh,

Welcome to the community!

This is going to be a question of group mapping, although whether that’s supported for AD, I don’t know. Are you trying to use our native LDAP authentication or the community Active Directory plugin?


Thanks ann for your reply i have resolved as i am using the OKTA groups from AD
and updated the setting s with the settings
i will post later here whats the solution that i have done for it


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