Projects page is empty - 414 (Request-URI Too Long)

  • Version 6.7.7 (build 38951)
  • Plugins: Flex; SonarC#; SonarJS; SonarJava; SonarPHP; SonarPython; SonarQube :: Plugins :: SCM :: Git; SonarQube :: Plugins :: SCM :: SVN; SonarTS; SonarXML
  • No errors in any SonarQube logs, only error is in console outpu:
request.ts:108 GET
&metricKeys=alert_status%2Cbugs%2Creliability_rating%2Cvulnerabilities%2Csecurity_rating%2Ccode_smells%2Csqale_rating%2Cduplicated_lines_density%2Ccoverage%2Cncloc%2Cncloc_language_distribution 414 (Request-URI Too Long)
  • Create bunch of projects (number depends on how long project names are)
  • potential workaround: unknown
  • potential fix: use POST not GET

Visual help:


According to this thread upgrading to 7.9 LTS fixes the issue.


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Thank you Simon, I was afraid of that :frowning: hard work before me ;(