Empty procjects home page

I have a problem with displaying the the projects page. When i go to https://sonarqube.local/projects
I don’t see any results. In browser console output i see error 400 and response :
Server Error in '/' Application Runtime Error
I try do this request in postman and if i reduce its length to 2100 characters bug is fixed

I use IIS web server, so i try increase URL size limit, it did not help, then i try chage elasticsearch requests limits:

http.max_content_length: 1200mb

http.max_header_size: 32kb

http.max_initial_line_length: 16kb

http.pipelining.max_events: 100000

It also did not help.

Does my problem have a solution? Thanks in advance!
Screenshot of project home page:

Screenshot of response:


Welcome to the community!

Based on what I’m seeing on our internal server, this is probably caused by the call to the api/measures/search service. Can you use the browser console to pull that URL & see whether the bulk of it is made up of projectKeys values or of metricKeys values?

And BTW, this is (99% sure) coming from IIS. I don’t know if there’s an absolute max, but if you bump that limit up high enough this should work.



URL include projectKeys and metricKeys its seems like:

most of the length is projectKeys

I increase all IIS incoming request limits by 2 times, but it still doesn’t work


I believe this is going to be a list of the first 50 project keys. Can you provide your average key length, please? The longest one?


I have more then 50 projects, max length - 67, average - 33


Thanks for the numbers. I’ve flagged this thread for the product team because I believe they need to take a look. In the meantime, I can only suggest you check the length of the longest request on the Projects page and set IIS to that +1.