Project List empty

I am experiencing a very strange behaviour in sonar home page.
Sonar Version 8.9.2
User → Admin

New installation with SQL Server as DB
In the home page the project list is empty

If I start searching I see projects (see image below)

Any suggestions?

Kind Regards

Hey there.

  1. If it’s a new installation, why not go straight to the latest version (v8.9.6)?
  2. I would recommend you try trashing the data/es7 folder in your installation and restarting the SonarQube service.

Hi Colin,

I think I found the reason of the issue. It is not related directly with Sonar, but more with the reverse proxy configuration on IIS.

I noticed using F12 on chrome that I was getting a 404 error during the call to https:///api/measures/search?projectKeys=…

Digging I noticed that the querystring was very long and googling I found that, for security reasons IIS limits by default the querystring to 2048 bytes. My querystring was longer and this was the reason of 404.
I changed in iis configuration the Request Filtering settings as image below and this solved the issue

Thank you

Great news, thanks for the update and offering a solution!