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I am using SonarQube LTS 9.9. Everything has been working well, but yesterday when I went to log in, all of the projects stopped displaying on the main screen.

However, my portfolios show, and the project details show under there, the issues are there, and I can see projects in the project lists in administration.

I reset the Windows service but no luck. Any thoughts?


did you already try to rebuild the indices as described here ?

Stop SonarQube
Delete the data/es8 directory
Restart SonarQube

Sometimes it’s just a browser problem, cleaning the browser cache might help.


Thanks for the response. I’ve tried different browsers on different machines, same result. I also tried the above steps, substituting es8 with es7 (since it’s SonarQube 9.9) and we still have the same result.

Ok, then it seems to be a problem with your database !?
We use MSSQL and never had any problems, all similar problems were fixed via rebuild of the elasticsearch indices.
Which database are you using ? Maybe there are other users with the same database that know how to fix it.

You might also increase the loglevel to DEBUG and check the logs in <SONARQUBE_HOME>/logs to get more details.

We’re using MSSQL as well. I’ve asked our sysadmin to raise the debugging level and they haven’t gotten back to me yet. The behaviour is still occurring, unfortunately

It’s possible to change the Sonarqube loglevel during runtime, no need to restart. So this should be no big deal for the sysadmin.

Ah, gotcha, I missed that. I turned it up to TRACE and reviewed the logs. I logged out and back in, and I saw this line in the log attempting to pull a search from ES:

2023.09.20 12:16:48 TRACE web[redacted][tracer] curl -iX POST '' -d '{"from":0,"size":50,"query":{"bool":{"must":[{"term":{"indexType":{"value":"projectmeasure","boost":1.0}}},{"has_parent":{"query":{"bool":{"filter":

(I truncated the rest of the query)

And I do see a response from ES:

  "took": 10,
  "timed_out": false,
  "_shards": {
    "total": 5,
    "successful": 5,
    "skipped": 0,
    "failed": 0
  "hits": {
    "total": {
      "value": 48,
      "relation": "eq"
    "max_score": null,
    "hits": [
        "_index": "projectmeasures",
        "_type": "auth",
        "_id": "AYaaUWTtc9PGqnhhuepM",
        "_score": null,
        "_routing": "auth_AYaaUWTtc9PGqnhhuepM",
        "sort": [
        "_index": "projectmeasures",
        "_type": "auth",
        "_id": "AYhxx7iFFyMnk6JQxTzP",
        "_score": null,
        "_routing": "auth_AYhxx7iFFyMnk6JQxTzP",
        "sort": [
        "_index": "projectmeasures",
        "_type": "auth",
        "_id": "AYjowDnCFyMnk6JQxT5q",
        "_score": null,
        "_routing": "auth_AYjowDnCFyMnk6JQxT5q",
        "sort": [

(I truncated the rest of the output)

Now I’m assuming that these data are the ones that are displayed on screen; I could be off-base here, but it seems likely.

I also saw some SQL queries that were returning for core ID, LOC, session tokens, roles, favourite projects, and those all returned data best that I can tell.

I confirmed with another user that they are also not seeing projects on the screen. I’m stumped, and it would be great if someone from SonarSource could jump in.

Actually I just observed something. I went into the network traffic in Edge and I saw a URL that was getting a 404 response. It was to https://sonarqube.redacted.com/api/measures/search?projectKeys=(whole list of project keys). I think the issue is that the URL limit is longer than what IIS is configured to allow. I’m going to try to allow for IIS to have longer URL limits. We have been using GUIDs for project keys, but we might have to change that if this is how SonarQube is structured if SonarQube sends lists of project keys over HTTP URLs.

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I confirmed that extending the Maximum URL length (Bytes) to 10999 and Maximum query string (Bytes) to 2097151 as shown in the screenshot below in IIS corrected this issue.

Thank you for the help @Rebse !

Glad you solved it
You didn’t mention you’re using IIS as reverse proxy.
AFAIR i saw similar problems with IIS in the past.

In general, using the browser developer tools is great for debugging or taking a deep dive into the Sonarqube (or any other) rest api.

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