Sonarqube severe elastic search issue

Hi Support,
we recently upgraded our sonarqube developer edition to and now something is very strange:

On the logon screen we see our project list with 10 of 18 projects are shown and a button right next to it.

  • However by clicking on the button nothing happens - no further projects are shown.

Entering the administration screen by selecting
we see all projects which are in total 21 projects and not 18.

We then followed the advice dealing with elasticsearch issues
* stop sonar
* remove $SONARHOME/data/es7 directory
* start sonar and let it rebuild all.

  • However rebuild is running hours and in the end it failed completely and now no project can be seen anymore.
    The shown Error is:
    * SonarQube completed the reload of project data. Some [tasks failed or cancelled] causing some
    projects to remain unavailable.

Unfortunately this are not some projects but 18 of 21!

Can you please help solving this issue?


Hi Support,

we solved at least the problem in rebuilding the complete project list.
Elastic needs a huge amount of discspace which was not present at the rebuild.

Once we extended the partition the rebuild runned up to the end and the projects are visible again.


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