Sonarqube project page shows wrong number of project

Our project page shows wrong number of projects compared to actual number of projects configured.
We are using sonarqube developer edition
We think it could have something to do with movement of database. We changed database servers in the beginning of this year.
Is there a way to reset or correct this problem

For example the number of project listed on Projects page is 184 and Administration page shows 94. Any help to clean up the list is appreciated

Same problem here.
We also use the Developer edition of SonarQube. After re-setup the database, the number of projects doubled. We do have 2 projects but the project page shows 4. I am not able to show all projects by clicking ‘Show More’.

The administration page shows only 2 projects.

Looks like you have a gap between the database and the elasticsearch indexes. To fix this, you can:

  • Stop your SonarQube instance
  • Backup everything in case something goes wrong
  • Delete the sq_home/data/es6 folder
  • Start SonarQube

The elasticsearch index will be recreated from the database. Please note that depending on the size of your dataset, the indexation can take some times (from few minutes for a really small instance to few hours for a big instance). SonarQube UI will not be available during this reindexation.

Hi @pierreguillot,

This solved the issue. Thanks.

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It solved our issue.

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