Projects from old machine still listed

Hello, community! First post here, I looked for an answer here, but could not find any, I might be asking the wrong question though.


I had Sonarqube installed on Machine1 and it worked fine, but due to some company decisions, we had to migrate it to a new machine (Machine2) and to help with the moving we cloned Machine1. Machine2 had also a new database, this was not cloned. So, now, when I login to Sonarqube, it says that it has 10 projects, but none are shown.

What I need

I need to reset this project list, it must show 0 projects. The old machine and its projects are not used anymore and there is no interest in them anymore.


Sonar version: 7.9.1.
Operational System: Linux
Database: Oracle


Welcome to the community!

When you cloned your old machine, you cloned with it the Elasticsearch indices of the data in the old DB. Do this:

  • stop SonarQube
  • delete $SONARQUBE-HOME/data/es6
  • restart


Thanks! That worked fine!