SonarQube project page does not show any projects

Version: 7.3

We are having issue with IIS and SonarQube since the maximum query length in the URL for IIS is 2048, and the number of projects exceed that amount (we have about 52 projects), so it does not show any projects when we click on the project page (we checked the console in Chrome - it gave us an 404 error)

The question is is there any way to fix it other then incress the maximum query length in IIS. And what if we have about 200-300 projects in the future? is this going to cause performance issue since the users are going to hit the database every time they click on the project page. What are the best practices? and can you customize the project pages to show only certain number of projects?

Thank you

Hi Toan,

Which page exactly is failing (you could maybe send a screenshot) ?
Which page/web service is returning a 404 ?


The project page is not showing any projects. I will attach screenshot

Indeed, the api/measures/search is called with the list of project keys, but this list is limited to 50.
It seems either that keys of your projects are too long, or IIS is too restrictive about the URL length.
Would it be possible to update IIS ?

Yes, I could increase the maximum url length in IIS, but is that the best solution? is there any way to customize the Projects page to show certain projects. Because essentially, we will have about 300-400 projects in SonarQube, and that would be a potential problem , also could cause some performance issue. Do you have any suggestions?

As I said, whatever the number of projects you have in your SonarQube instance, the Projects page will load only 50 projects maximum.

For me, the best solution is to configure IISS to increase the max allowed query length.

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Thanks for the advice, and I will increase the maximum query length from 2048 to 4096. This sounds like a dumb question but just want to be clear: is it going to exceed 4096 characters max allow query length when we have more then 100 projects? (right now we have 52 projects which ~2193 characters when it did the search?projectKeys)

Thanks, @JulienLavocat. I was also facing the same issue and your response helped me in resolving it!

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