Problem with Developer Edition License

Must-share information (formatted with Markdown):

  • which versions are you using (SonarQube, Scanner, Plugin, and any relevant extension)
    SonarQube7.6 Community Edition
    SonarQube7.6 Developer Edition

  • what are you trying to achieve
    I have been using the SonarQube7.6 Community Edition to scan our C# projects. We this installed in a server.

We have acquired a Developer License for 100K LOC with the purpose of scanning PL/SQL projects.

I have installed the Developer edition but when I apply the license it says we have passed the 100K lines and won’t let us do any more scans.

I thought SonarQube would be designed in a way that would split the free scans from the scans for languages that require a license.

  • what have you tried so far to achieve this
    I have been trying to explain this to the commercial agents form Sonar Source but they keep saying I need to buy another license.

My point is that I have not done a single scan since I applied the license to our server.

Do I need to have a separate instance for the Developer Edition just for the SQL Scans?

Can that be achieved in the same server?

Ruben Vilhena

Hi Ruben,

This is a conversation you really need to have with your sales contact.


But who can confirm if the Community Edition if free and is not restricted by the number of LOC scanned?

Thank you.


Hi Ruben,

Community edition has no LOC limit. However in the paid editions you pay for all Lines Of Code.


Ok thanks Ann.

I don’t think the information is clear on the website.
This means I may need to set up 2 instances, one for the C# scans using the Community Edition and other with the Developer Edition for the PL/SQL scans.

Is this possible to achieve on the same server? If the versions point to a different DB schema, url, port?

Kind regards,
Ruben Vilhena

Hi Ruben,

You can put them on the same server, but you’d be best served (see what I did there? :laughing:) to have each on a separate box.


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Hi Ann,

thanks for the information and advice.

I will see what options I have.