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We are currently using SonarQube community edition and planning to buy SonarQube license for supporting additional languages. I am little confused whether we should we go with Developer edition or Enterprise edition. We have development team that supports 40+ Applications (VB, C# .Net, iOS Objective C and Swift languages). As all these languages are covered in Developer edition, we think that it would be sufficient for us.
The plan is to have a centralised Sonarqube that is integrated with CICD Build process. The team will be using Sonarqube dashboard to see the results. In addition, Developers may use IDE (SonarLint in VisualStudio) to capture the bugs before they commit into a repository. we may not use features like Governance in Enterprise edition. Please advise on the following questions. Thanks.

  1. In this scenario, is Developer edition good enough for our requirement?
  2. If we buy Developer edition, can the same license be used on multiple environments (like NonProd, Prod)
  3. I noticed that it supports upto 20M lines of code. If we want to upgrade in future due to that, can we upgrade from one to another? For example: 10M Loc to 20M and Developer to Enterprise edition (beyond 20M)
  4. Can developers also use the same license for their local IDE environment?


You’d probably be better served with a conversation with sales than the community, and the form on this page can get you started with that.


Assuming Developer Edition covers all the languages of interest to you, AND you have <20M lines of code total, DE should meet your needs.

As described here you can get pre-prod licenses if you also purchase support with DE.

You can certainly upgrade from DE to Enterprise Edition regardless of the number of lines. If you have more than 20M LoC, you MUST upgrade to EE.

The SonarLint connected mode doesn’t require any additional licensing.


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@ganncamp Hi Ann, Detailed and helpful answer. Thanks a lot for the information.
Few more questions please.
How does the upgrade work? If we purchase 5M LoC Developer Edition and want to upgrade to 10M DE after few months, do we need to pay only € 36,000-17,500= €18,500? and how about subscription period?
Will we get technical support help for initial setup if we don’t buy support along with the license?

Thanks again.

Hi @elavarasan16,

As @ganncamp mentioned initially, please get in touch with SonarSource directly for your latest questions. Our team will promptly get back to you with the most accurate and helpful information for such subscription/pricing -related requests.

Contact forms are available in Editions pages (example).

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Hi @NicoB
Ok. I will reach out to your team directly. Thanks.