SonarQube Community Edition VS Developer Edition


I have 2 queries, it would be very helpfull if someone can answer it out.

  1. Can we install and run 2 versions of Sonarqube like Community Edition(free) and Developer Edition(Paid) in the same Server?
  2. For Community Edition(free) what is the limit of LOC to be scanned ?

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Hi @vivekbg123

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  1. Why would you install 2 different versions of SonarQube?
    It’s not really a good practice, as you will have no consistency in term of analysis of your code (not the same rules, not the same features etc)

  2. there is no limit of LOC for Community Edition as it is free


Thanks a lot Carine.

Could you please explain my last few doubts please :-

  1. What extra features we get in Developer version apart from Community Edition ?
  2. Also if we suppose take a Developer Version with 100,000 LOC and that gets exausted, within a year, can we again subscribe for more LOC for that purpose ? Will be we alerted when in case its reaching the LOC limit ?
  3. Suppose if we subscribe for 500,000 LOC and its not been used up in that particular 1 yr time frame,
    will the remaining balance of LOC be transferred to next year, when we subscribe again ?

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Hi @vivekbg123

1- You have the entire list of features available in Developer Edition here, in blue (in grey are the features available in above editions, such as Enterprise or Data Center Editions).
Basically, Developer Edition provides you branch analysis, Pull request decoration in your SCM tool, Security rules (SAST offering) even for “community-edition languages”, and additional languages as well.
You can reach out to us to try SonarQube Developer Edition here: Try Now Developer Edition | Sonar

2- You will receive a notification before reaching the limit of 100K LOC (in your example), and will be able to reach out to someone from our Sales team to see how to upgrade your platform. This is indeed possible to upgrade within the subscription period.

3- No, you subscribe to a cap to allow to scan up to XX lines of code.

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